Friday, March 2, 2012

Dr. Seuss Day & My 1st book is released! :)

My first middle-grade novel is released on Dr. Seuss Day! 

In the words of Ginnie: Awesome Sauce! 

You can find it HERE on Amazon and HERE on Barnes & Noble.

The first 6 chapters are free as a sample... check them out! 
You can download free apps for your phone or computer if you don't have a Kindle!
Don't you just love technology? :)


Sonja Herbert

Congratulations! That's so great! Is the book only available in digital form?

Whichever way, it's great that you have it published. I just got the proofs from me editor. The process is so slow here. My book won't come out til June.


The print book is still in the process of being printed. It should be available soon.;)

You don't have to have a nook or kindle to download my book--there are free apps for phones and computers on the same page as the book.:)

I'm excited about your book. Mine got put together quickly--but now I need to figure out how to market it.:)


Congratulations! This is one I haven't read yet--is it about the Wests?


Yes--this is about Ginnie West and her family.:)

The Wicked Lady

Congrats Monique!


Thanks so much! :)

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