Friday, March 30, 2012

5-Star Reviews of Secret Sisters

I've been struggling to finish Book 2  (Trouble Blows West: A Ginnie West Adventure) and was starting to get discouraged when I found some reviews of  The Secret Sisters Club: A Ginnie West Adventure.

How cool is this?


Plus the first official Amazon review from a good friend: (I wish Amazon let me know when these appear--I was pleasantly surprised--twice! Thanks guys!)

This review is from: The Secret Sisters Club: A Ginnie West Adventure (Kindle Edition)
It was my privilege to see a few chapters even before publication. This is a great story, and a great series, for kids. I read at first as a favor, but kept reading because the interactions between the characters was so much fun. And, I'm a pretty old guy!

My three daughters are grown. If they were still young, this is the kind of book I'd like to see them read. Very 'safe' for young people even though, at times, a riot to read.


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