Monday, December 5, 2011

S-o-o-o, here's the REST of the story... (so far)

A couple weeks ago I received an offer of representation for my newest book: Traveling Down The Wests’ Lane. After letting this process through my mind and clapping my hands over my mouth to keep from screaming out loud ( I got the email on my phone in church), I remembered I had 2 other fulls out and wrote the publisher back and told him I’d have to let those people know, but I’d love to say ‘yes’. 

Ten minutes later I had an email from this same publisher offering me a THREE book deal instead of just the one. Super-stoked, I sent an email off to my friend, Caleb, whose book became a national best seller the month before, asking him to review the contract when I received it. http://calebwarnock.blogspot.com/2011/10/my-book-is-officially-national.html

Caleb called me later to tell me that not only was the contract NOT shabby, he was impressed that a children’s literary agent was also interested in my book-- as well as his own editor -- and decided to offer me a competing contract.

So…..after spending a few days contemplating both offers and waiting for the literary agent to weigh in, I decided to go with Caleb’s offer. YEAH!!! 

Since then, we have been planning the details: finding a Ginnie to get ready for a photo shoot for all three book covers, having the MS edited, writing the back of the book blurb, a marketing plan and all of the other fun stuff that comes along with the business of publishing a book. 

In the words of Tillie (my other MC) E—e-e-e-e-!!  :O)

PS: Happy 4th Birthday to my youngest child. :) I'm so grateful to have you in my life. :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

It only takes one ‘YES’!

It’s true, in the life of a writer it only takes one ‘yes’ to turn an otherwise dreary day around. 

For example, a couple of weeks ago I spent two days querying agents for my new book: Traveling Down The Wests’ Lane. On Day 3, I got a couple of rejections and a request for a full manuscript and another rejection. I spent the next day and a half re-reading my MS, finding/fixing/ grammar errors, plot holes, etc. I sent off the MS and went back to querying, hoping for the best. I got more rejections and two more requests for fulls over the next week.

Then at 6:15 AM about a week after the first request for a full, I got my ‘yes’: 


Holy Macaroni! I danced on the ceiling, hovering between pure glee and ‘can this really be REAL?’ 

But every time I read the words:

So ... Monique, our question to you: May we send you a contract for Traveling Down The Wests' Lane for a July 2012 release, in ebook and paperback? 

My response was Yes, YES, YES!!!!!! (Please and Thank YOU!!)

(The day got even better—but you’ll have to tune in Monday (which is my birthday) for all the exciting details.)