Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Yikes! Where has the time gone?!

Wow, it's been a while since I blogged. I had planned to blog about all my friends getting new contracts and self-publishing and the time has gotten away from me!

School has started since I last blogged and because I have 12 kids, I thought that would translate into more writing time--well, it did and it didn't. I just finished my second novel, TRAVELING DOWN THE WEST'S LANE. A contemporary story set on a farm about twelve-year-old best friends who have very diverse pasts. One Ginnie West, a half-orphaned girl growing up in a close-knit family with 4 men and a twin brother and the other, Tillie Taylor, abandoned years ago by an abusive father, being raised by a mother who wants better for her daughter. Together, they have one goal: to be sisters. 

In a one week period about a month ago--three of my best writing friends all got contracts for their books.  Three others self-published their novels and another became a national best selling author. Of course I want to celebrate and promote each of them, especially since I read and exchanged critiques with most of them before they published. :) 

So, in the VERY near future, I will post a link to the ones that are published and help you find their books. Each are worth your investment of time and money to purchase and read. And lucky us, all seven are in different genres: YA, Middle Grade, historical fiction, western, gardens, urban fantasy and women's fiction, so there truly is something for everybody. I will say upfront that I may be biased, but it's not because these authors are my friends, it's because they have each written a fantastic book.

Please tune in and check them out. Take care, Monique