Monday, March 17, 2014

FAERY SWAP by Susan Kaye Quinn

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Warrior Faeries and Math Magick
by Susan Kaye Quinn
My new middle grade fantasy, Faery Swap, is about a fourteen-year-old boy who is tricked into swapping places with a warrior faery prince and has to find his way back home before the dimensional window between their worlds slams shut.

Monique's review:

FAERY SWAP was an enjoyable read. It has action, adventure, heart, and magick--what more can a tween/teen reader ask for? As a parent--I loved how FAERY SWAP empowers kids to realize that "Knowledge is POWER." It truly is. 

A warrior faery, Zaneyr, swaps places with a human boy, Finn. To protect the faery and human worlds from his wicked father, Zaneyr takes over Finn's body and sends Finn's spirit to live in the Otherworld. Finn is determined to come back, knowing his little sister needs him desperately having recently lost their mother to a car accident. The boys' wills collide and each has only a few short hours to accomplish their goals before the swap is made permanent.

Of course many obstacles are thrown in each boy's way and some heart-wrenching, difficult decisions need to be made. Finn must acclimate quickly to a world he had no former knowledge of, while Zaneyr has to navigate the perils of dwelling in a body that isn't his. Each has to challenge what they thought they knew to be true to keep the other's world from imploding-- literally as well a s figuratively.

Susan weaves a great story of adventure and daring, forcing Zaneyr and Finn to respond and adapt, stretch and resist interesting situations and creatures. FAERY SWAP is populated with spriggans, fire sprites, wicked faeries, compassionate faeries, trees that walk and talk, and air sprites, among other intriguing, fascinating, and not-so-delightful characters. Magick spells and incantations abound, so those craving Harry Potter-ish type books will love FAERY SWAP.

All-in-all, I thought FAERY SWAP was a compelling story on many levels and wholly recommend this to tweens, teens and adults. 

Please check out Susan's 2 videos--I found each of them entertaining as well as educational. 

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You can find FAERY SWAP here.

2 minute book trailer

About Susan: 

In my prior life, I worked for NASA and got a lot of degrees in engineering. (Yes, I really am a rocket scientist and have the Ph.D. to prove it!) I used the logical-left-side of my brain to design aircraft engines and study global warming. Now that I write fiction, I love using the creative-right-side of my brain to create compelling characters and dramatic adventures as well as the logical-left-side to weave math, science, and technology into my stories. Math and science have always seemed wondrous to me, so it made sense to me that the warrior faeries in Faery Swap would steal mathematical knowledge from humans in order to enhance their magickal faery powers. 
In my story, knowledge is literally power.
I'm passionate about this message - that knowledge is power and math is magick - and the ethical use of that knowledge is a key theme throughout the story. I wanted to share this message, so I created a Virtual Author Visit, Common-Core-based Teacher's Guide, and a card-based game, so any teacher, anywhere on the planet, could share this message with their students.
9 minute Virtual Author Visit
In this video, I share my background in science and engineering and talk about the book, then show how humans use math in the real world to do amazing things... even without magick to help them. The Teacher's Guide, activities, card game, and videos are meant flexible - teachers and librarians can spend as little as 2 minutes sharing the trailer or they can use the materials to create a whole unit around the book and the Knowledge is Power When Math is Magick theme. My hope is that some of my love for math and science will rub off on young readers, and that kids will see they each have an inner warrior faery capable of seeking knowledge and performing great deeds with it! (Click here to find out more about the Virtual Author Visit).

Susan Kaye Quinn is the author of the bestselling Mindjack Trilogy, which is young adult science fiction. Faery Swap is her foray into middle grade, which is her first writing love. Her business card says "Author and Rocket Scientist" and she always has more speculative fiction fun in the works. You can subscribe to her newsletter (hint: new subscribers get a free short story!) or stop by her blog to see what she's up to.
Faery Swap
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Fourteen-year-old Finn is tricked into swapping places with a warrior faery prince and has to find his way back home before the dimensional window between their worlds slams shut. 

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