Sunday, February 10, 2013

THE ALIAS by Mandi Slack

Hi Everybody!

I had planned to review this earlier, but had a little computer trouble-- my monitor got broke and I couldn't read much of anything for a few days. :( But it's fixed now and I got my read on. :)

I didn't realize that The Alias was a thriller until after I agreed to review it. I was a little worried about liking it since thrillers are not my genre of choice. No problem though, I found I liked it very much. :)

Kudos to you, Mandi. Of course it didn't hurt that I quickly found myself on a family farm with a loving aunt and uncle that embody the kind of family drama that I DO like to read (and write) about. Throw in a kid and a horse (and she did) and I'm there. :)

The Alias was a fast-paced read that touched me, even while quickening my heart beat in many places. I felt for Jacey on many levels, most especially as a mother who wants to protect her son no matter what, and as a woman forced to make difficult choices.

Alias blurb: After a long and difficult divorce, Jacey thinks the worst is over. Little does she know she'll soon be forced to go undercover to protect her family, and in the process, she'll risk losing her identity, her future, and her heart. With a lightning pace, a good dose of humor, and a plot that's full of suspense, this thrilling novel is an edge-of-your-seat read.

You can find Alias: here

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