Monday, May 2, 2011

Wheee! Come along and follow me!

The last few weeks have been an interesting roller coaster ride of emotion. I entered a national writing competition, the Amazon Break Through Novel Award contest, with the sole purpose of showing a nay-sayer that ‘yes I CAN write a decent query letter,’ and beat out 4000 other people with that same pitch. 

A month later, my excerpt in the same contest beat out 750 other entries, including four of my friends. Sorry, guys. :(  I wanted all five of us to go forward together. When I read the critiques from the two Amazon reviewers who advanced me to Round 3, I was given hope that my dream of becoming a published author might come to fruition. 

I was booted out of the contest, April 26th, 2011, but I have no complaints. I finished in the top 250 out of 5000 original entrants. That’s the top 5%! I now have hope and confidence to pursue my dream. Please come along with me. It’ll be a wild ride, but eventually, I plan to reach that destination.



I have a special fridge magnet I visit often...

Believe in yourself and in your dream though impossible things may seem .....
Believe in yourself and in your plan, say not, I cannot - but, I can........
The prizes of life we fail to win, because we doubt the power within.

I've read your work. Its ready for a cover, a shelf, and an author's note. Believe. Go Girl!


CONGRATS on the top 5% berth!! And I LOVE the colors and creativity on this website!! I especially love the "Behind every blog is an unfed husband." Mine would certainly agree. ;-D

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By the way--I can take NO credit for how gorgeous my blog looks--my friend Cyn gets all the credit. She did an AWESOME job. :)


Got my fingers crossed. From the writing of yours that I've read, you deserve it!!!


Hi, it's Lydia from scrib. Now you know my real name :) Congrats on getting so far in the contest. Top 5% is fantastic and I know you'll make it to published soon.



Hey, girl, you can totally do this, I am so excited for you. I got your back, my friend.


May the good luck continue! A friend from WID :)

Caleb Warnock
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Congrats on the 5%! That's awesome! Good things come to those who persevere, right? Good luck!


I almost added an (and you know who you are C~ but you outed yourself.:) Thanks for the support--and the rest of you as well. :)

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