Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's Been A GREAT Day!

I met with the publisher today. :) I offered her a couple of very unique ideas for marketing strategies and she liked them. :) Now if she reads TROUBLE BLOWS WEST and loves it, we may have more great days. :)

Thanks again everyone for your support. She was impressed that I had so many followers so quickly. :) I can only say again that you guys are to awesome for words.:)

She has this link. So let her know what you honestly think--provided you like my story--:)
You know what Mom always says: If you can't say anything nice...make something up. Just kidding...:)...well...sorta.



Yes! Moving forward! Praying your editor loves Ginnie almost as much as you do!


You know our chosen genres could not be more opposite, but you also know I followed your novel, word by word, paragraph by paragraph, chapter by chapter. It's polished. It deserves a place on a bookshelf. Have all fingers crossed for you in Australia.

In any event, Ginnie will make sure it happens. She doesn't know the meaning of 'can't.'

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