Sunday, May 8, 2011

Boot Camp isn't for Sissies. :)

Hi Everyone!

I just got back from my second writers' conference in a week.

WOW! It was a lot of fun and s-o-o-o informative. I haven't taken so many notes since high school. :) I started this second writer's conference with a 6 hour boot camp on Thursday May 5, 2011.

I drew the nicest instructor, published author, Kathi Oram Peterson. I bought her book, The Stone Traveler and look forward to reading it soon. When she signed the book for me, yesterday (Friday) she told me several things she had liked about the book I brought to boot camp.

Her encouragement and kind words were well received by this boot campee. Please check out her blog at: http://www.kathiswritingnook.com.  She has some wonderful tips on giving and taking critiques, things every writer should know and do. Let her know I sent you. :)


Kathi Oram Peterson

What a fun conference! I'm so glad I met you. You have a great story. Keep working on it and you'll see it in print. :)


Thanks Kathi. I still can't get over how NICE everyone was: authors, agents, editors. :) So willing to share the tricks of the trade so we can all succeed. How refreshing. :)


I'm glad you had a great time! I wish I could have attended with you. Next time, for sure.


Shauna, I missed you at AF conference--i was hoping you'd come at the last minute. But I did meet 3 other online crit friends. It was an awesome week. I'll be back next year--and introduce you to them. :)


Great a positive was taken from your stay. I must chase up similar conferences in Australia. Will let you know how I go.


Hey, Monique. Sounds like a wonderful conference.

Check out my blog. There is an award waiting for you--and might I add that you deserve it more than I do. Your blog is very cool :)


Thanks, Pat. I'm sure I don't. :) I just started my blog--though I hope to add a lot of good stuff to it. :)


This was a great post. Thank you for the link to her website. :-)


You're welcome. Thanks for following. :)


Writer's conferences are just the greatest thing. I love them too. Getting to meet authors and taking classes with them can be so inspiring. Meeting life-long friends there is also rewarding. I am a new follower to your blog. Hope to see you on mine. Donna


Sounds like fun. Best of luck with your book!

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