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An interview with Anna Del C. Dye--author of Shahira & the Flying Elfs

Today I am spreading my wings a little and hosting the first-ever interview on my blog. :) 
(No pun intended as you look at the beautiful cover below.) :)  

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Now on to the interview. Welcome Anna. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Let's start at the beginning and introduce your books a little. Who is the target audience for your books?

The Elf series are written with the young adults in mind. They can be read by pre-teen, tweens, and the young of heart. They are easy to read, clean and wholesome. 

What is the name of your latest book and what is it about?

Shahira & the Flying Elfs is about giant eagles in the land of the elfs and her story. Shahira is a she-eagle and lives with her father, mother, and younger brother in the high cliffs of Eagle Mountain. Her dream is to find a stripling young eagle to mate with. But mating is a ritual that happens in the sky and she can’t fly. She has told herself that one day she will be able to, but every time she tries, she falls.

Can you tell us a little more about that?

Sure...here is a teaser:

Flying takes you to new heights, still you won’t see if you don't want to…
What would you do if your world comes tumbling down? That is what happens to Shahira every time she tries to fly. You see, she is an eagle and eagles fly…but why can't she?
The wizard Huzan has spent his entire life under the shadow of his renowned brother, Zanteon. But no more. He has discovered a book revealing his brother’s secrets. Now he is going to use it to destroy the wizardry school and him.
Llorradinn’s life has been simple and peaceful in the land of the elfs. That is until the human caravan comes and he finds himself hanging from the claws of a giant eagle. Elfs have not seen the eagles for many centuries; so why now, and why so hostile toward the elf race?

The answers to these questions, can be found in: “Shahira & the Flying Elfs.” Inspired by the myths and legends of Europe and from the pens of writers such as J.R.R. Tolkien. I have tried to weave a new and completely original tale full of suspense, adventure, and medieval-style warfare in “Shahira & the Flying Elfs” 

Which number book is this?

"Shahira & the Flying Elfs", while stand-alone book, is also number six in my elf series.

What inspired you to write fantasy rather than anther genre?

Movies, I think. Star Wars, Star Trek, Willow, Arturian Tales, etc., and most of all ... The Lord of the Rings.

How much of your books are planned out ahead of time, and how much of them are made up as you go along?
They are all different. The Elf and the Princess was 90% planned. I sat to write the first page and tweaked it as I went. Shahira & the Flyng Elfs was 90% made up as I went. This was quite hard.

When it comes to Elves in fantasy, what do you consider to be some of the common elements of their race? Have you seen that completely changed or ignored in other books?

The comment elements in elfs are that they live forever and know much. Also, that they are graceful, quiet, pretty, and overall much better that mankind.
I have always expected elfs to be beautiful and perfect in many ways. Yet, when I read one book in the Shanara series they were ugly, in another book they were cannibals, in a third one, they were dark and delighted in killing. That set very heavily in my heart. I never picked up those books again. I consider elfs better than man and those three examples made them human or less, not better. Still, as authors we have the right to create our characters as we please…those elves are just not my cup of tea.

How do you pick the names for your characters?

Usually the characters come to me with their names. Seldom do I have to invent one. I have, though, and usually pick a letter and then start saying words until one sticks with me. I usually sound the name of my characters in Spanish and I am picky about how they are pronounced. For this reason, I include a pronunciation guide at the beginning of my books.

Where can people go to find out more about you and your other works?

Barns & Noble. http://ning.it/1744E2U

Monique, it was a pleasure to visit your blog today, happy writings to you...

Thank you, I'm glad you stopped by. Good luck with your blog tour. 

Laugh lots ... Love much ... Write on... :)


Anna del C. Dye

Thank you, Monique. It is a very good post. I appreciate you time and effort.
Anna del C.


You're welcome. It was fun to interview with you :)

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