Sunday, April 14, 2013

Return of the Mystic Gray by Steve Westover

I just finished reading an intriguing book by Steve Westover: Return of the Mystic Gray. It is the second book in his Crater Lake series and is packed full of mystery, action, fun, and mayhem--lots of mayhem. It is well-written, contains an adventure of epic proportions, a lovable cast of misfits, and a great many twists and turns to keep the reader very engaged.

I can see kids and adults of all ages enjoying this, boys and girls alike. I have not read the first book: Crater Lake: Battle for Wizard Island, which didn't make me enjoy this book any less. There will definitely be a third book-- or I can see Steve having a great many irritated fans. :) My only issue with it was the amount of carnage in a middle grade novel--not graphically written. However, when you have a bunch of contemporary kids battling ancient spirits, things are gonna get a little messy.

Steve has a unique "magic system" that presents unexpected trials and solutions to very intriguing conflicts. The reader is compelled to read on to see how things will be resolved. His cast of characters have been blessed (and cursed) with an interesting array of talents and gifts. What does breathing fire have to do with a flute? And how can the 'lamest' super power EVER, save the day? Well, you'll just have to read this wonderful book and find out, won't you? :)

Steve has sincerely crafted a story that will not soon be forgotten.  I love how how he lightly sprinkles admirable qualities such as loyalty, honor, duty, and selflessness in his story. I have every intention of reading the first book and the third. You should probably join, I think you'll be glad you did.

Laugh lots ... Love much ... Write on ... :)

Ethan and his friends are back in a brand-new adventure! With inherited powers they don't understand and can't quite control, they head back to Crater Lake to rescue their friend Jacob, train for an epic battle, and join forces with a powerful ally---the Mystic Gray. Filled with action, adventure, and mystery, this book is a thrilling addition to the Crater Lake series!
“Return of the Mystic Gray,” was released on April 9, 2013. The book is the sequel to 2012's “Crater Lake: Battle for Wizard Island.” The book is currently available on BooksAndThingsAmazon and BarnesAndNoble
Like its predecessor, “Return of the Mystic Gray” is set at Oregon's pristine Crater Lake and follows the exploits of Ethan, a pudgy and reluctant hero, and his band of misfit friends who are beginning to realize that their last Crater Lake adventure left them with inherited powers they don’t understand and can’t quite control. Though the kids live in different parts of the country, they are all drawn back to Crater Lake to resume their battle with the evil Chief Llao and hopefully find their lost friend, Jacob.
“Growing up in Oregon, I loved camping in the mountains with my fellow Scouts,” said Westover. “I even camped in the snow, cross-country skiing into camp and building snow caves. Many of those experiences inspired this book. Unlike the warm summer adventure the kids had in Book 1, they are now at Crater Lake in the dead of winter with miles of snow and frozen landscape. It’s beautiful, but treacherous.”


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