Tuesday, October 23, 2012


First.... I just gotta say: "WOW!" 

Toby Gold and the Secret Fortune has it all: 

Drama, Intrigue, Empowerment of the small kid against the school bully, Friends, Enemies, Fun, Money, Mystery and Mayhem.

What a great package for kids of all ages, especially Craig Everett's target audience: middle-graders, junior high and high schoolers. Adults will enjoy this book as well, I certainly did. :)

I also learned an awful lot about finances that needs to be taught to our kids: the future Wall Street investors, and leaders of our country, as well as their parents. The principles Craig teaches in his book should be learned and applied by all, and I suspect they will be because he teaches them in an easily understood manner. 

In some ways it is downright scary that money is so much of a mystery to so many people. Economic freedom is important to financial security for each family, business, community, country and nation. Knowledge IS power and good financial knowledge can leverage all people to be able to make wise choices and attain financial security for the people they love. 

Toby Gold and the Secret Fortune is a great read. Get your copy TODAY: here
You'll be glad you did AND your kid might even thank you for it. :) 
Make sure you read it as well... it is so worth your time.

Laugh lots...Love much... Write on! 

In 2009, while volunteering in public school classrooms in West
Lafayette Indiana, author Craig Everett recognized that traditional
methods of teaching personal finance to kids were not having
the desired results nationally. Despite significant efforts to add
finance topics to school curricula, financial literacy test scores have
not markedly improved in many areas of the country. There had to
be a better way. Thus was born the idea of incorporating financial
literacy concepts into a fantasy novel that both middle-grade and
high school youth would enjoy reading. TOBY GOLD AND THE
SECRET FORTUNE is a fun and entertaining reading experience
as well as one more useful tool in the struggle to improve youth
financial literacy.

Craig Everett was born in Bangor,
Maine, and received his B.A. in
Quantitative Economics from Tufts
University, an MBA from George
Mason University, and a Ph.D. in
Finance from Purdue University.
The author is currently a finance
professor at Pepperdine University
in Malibu, California, where he
teaches corporate and entrepreneurial
finance in the MBA program.
Dr. Everett also serves on the curriculum
advisory board for the National
Financial Educators Council.
He dedicates his free time as a
volunteer in local schools teaching
kids about money and finance. He
lives in Newbury Park, California
with his wife and five children.


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