Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Knights of the Laers by R. L. Drembic

This week I am featuring a new  author: Benjamin Talreja and his book: The Knigts of the Caerg:

Book Blurb:
An ominous storm brews over The Northern Kingdoms. Edric, a young man, has wandered through the kingdoms alone and forlorn for years, ever since a tragedy forced him to leave his village. A fateful encounter brings Stephen to his campfire with inspirational news; war looms on the horizon of the realm of Osmér and King Herus has called for skilled swordsmen to come to the Knight’s Academy. The news brings Edric some desperately needed hope and he risks everything to escape the past that haunts him.

The students in the Academy train hard, pushed to their limits and beyond. Edric struggles with his past, but becomes close to the other students. While they train, war breaks out along the realm’s borders and the aspiring knights are needed more than ever.

As their training comes to an end, the storm breaks and disaster strikes the heart of the realm. Edric and his companions are thrust into conflict and calamity. Although they are well trained, they face adventures and hardships that none of them had ever imagined; death and despair confront them at every turn…

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R.L. Drembic has loved reading from an early age. It wasn’t until shortly after high school that he got the idea for a book of his own. Inspired by a friend’s courage to try and get her own novel published, Drembic began writing and has continued through his college career. Drembic has plans for a dozen more books and hopes for a chance to share these adventures with avid readers everywhere.


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