Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Children's Writer's Blog Hop

 If you are new to my blog, welcome! Take a look around and have fun with what you find.  I was invited to be a part of a blog hop for writers of children's books. A blog hop helps people find new and exciting blogs connects people all over the world. If you're following the tour you most likely came from Mikey Brooks blog at: Written By Mikey

Children's literature encompasses a lot of ages. I write middle-grade (ages 9-14) and am trying my hand a picture books (ages 2-9). I also have a Young Adult series that crosses over into New Adult territory (the books for people who have graduated from high school and are starting to navigate the adult world. So on this hop you might find someone who writes picture books or someone who writes for teens. That's what makes blog hops so fun. 

We were asked to answer 4 simple questions. I hope you find my answers insightful. I also invite you to check out the stops on this blog hop so we can help you discover many  new and talented writers. 

1. What are you working on right now? I am finishing up the 4th book in my middle grade series. It is called: Being West is Best: A Ginnie West Adventure.

Here is my blurb:

Twelve year old BFFs, Ginnie West and Tillie Taylor, are matchmaking geniuses. Together, they maneuvered Ginnie’s widower-dad into proposing to Tillie’s divorcee-mom. Sweet!

Certain they are well on their way to sisterhood, each girl is floored when Tillie’s lousy-excuse-for-a-father puts in an appearance after a six year absence. Ginnie's job will be to kick Tillie’s father to the curb or “Operation: Secret Sisters” may have to be renamed:  “Operation: Not Gonna Happen.”

If that's not bad enough, the biggest bully in seventh grade comes over often and wishes he could call the Wests’ farmhouse home. When the bully's abusive dad shows up as well, Ginnie thinks it's time to change her family's motto from "When you're here, you're family" to "There's no more room at the Wests’."

I am hoping to launch it in the next few weeks or early fall. I am also working on my first non-fiction book with my good friend, Mikey Brooks, as well as a fun picture book, due out in November 2013.

2. How does it differ from other works in its genre? Being West is Best: A Ginnie West Adventure is a ‘slice of life’ family drama that deals with everyday life in a meaningful way. Although neither Ginnie or Tillie come from a traditional family of a mom, a dad, and kids--their families work well together as the girls try to figure out how life  

3. Why do you write what you do? Having been a foster parent to many children for over 12 years, I write books that empower kids to deal with the sometimes tough reality of life in an positive way. Life can be messy, and it can be hard, but I like to show that it can also be rewarding and uplifting. Good friends, good family, trying new things, standing up for what you believe, as well as for the people you care about most is very important.

4. How does your writing process work? I tend to be a ‘pantser’—a writer who is not overly detailed in my plotting. However, I do believe my story benefits from having some idea where each chapter begins and ends. Even so, I love it when occasionally my characters hi-jack my chapters and I discover something about them, or a new way to look at one of their arcs that sends myself and my readers on a journey that I haven’t previously thought of.

Due to some technical difficulties and some family drama—I didn’t ask more authors to participate in this blog hop as I had intended. If that changes—I will be posting links to their sites for next week and will let you know.

Laugh lots … love much … write on! J


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