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Review of The Dark Eagles... first flight by David R. Smith

The Dark Eagles:First Flight 
by David R. Smith

What others have said: 

“The book was wonderfully written. It is a book for all ages and gender. Boys may like that it is from a young man's point of view with all the adventure. I enjoyed the character development and the friendships formed from the adversity they faced.”
The Book Rack, Arcadia, CA

 “Author David R. Smith does a fine job with his dialogue, which flows smoothly and wittily throughout. His interactions between characters are genuine, and the portrayals of his young female characters in particular are refreshing.”
The Deseret News, Salt Lake City, UT

The Dark Eagles has a lot going for it: A mysterious map left to young Kief  years ago by the grandfather he loved dearly, but only given to him by his grandmother when he reached the age where he could go to the merchant academy and pursue his dream captaining his own ship. Kief and his best friend, Tarc, stick together through thick and thin, as all good friends do, tested often on their journey.

It is a book about dreams, friends, heeding the call to adventure, exploring one's world and one's self, doing the right thing when it isn't easy, and learning to conquer fears, tyranny, and a multitude of other things. As someone who loves names, I truly enjoyed familiar and unique twists on concepts we know: Harvest Rhythm, New Rhythm, fun names like Sefrana, Kief, Tarc. The unique terms and names gave a fun flavor to David's story.

David did a great job telling a story piled high with adventure and drama and a book that most boys would like to read. As the mom of 7 boys, I look for books my sons may enjoy as some of them, *gasp* , are not big readers. (I know ... I love to read and can't understand why anyone else doesn't, but I think Dark Eagles is one of those books that non-readers could get into.)

I was given a copy of David's book in exchange for an honest review. As a writer, reader, and reviewer myself, I try not to be overly critical of style preferences. For example, some readers need lots of imagery and some don't. Some readers want perfect editing and some just want a great story. I tend to be of the latter variety. 

This story has a lot of strengths and I think it deserves to be read. 

That being said, I know some people will read this book on my recommendation and will enjoy it very much. Therein lies my struggle. If you are someone who likes to read a story full of adventure, with fun characters, and purpose, you will enjoy this book. If you are someone who likes to have every comma and period in it's proper place, well ... this may not be the book for you. 

Do I think that should keep you from reading The Dark Eagles? No. 

Just to be fair to all, read the first few chapters on amazon.com for free: here before deciding. 

I can see my sons liking this book and they are the intended audience.  

There is much to enjoy about this book, and I wish David Smith much success as he continues writing this series.  Thank you for the opportunity to read your story. 

Laugh lots ... love much ... write on. :) 

About the Author: David R. Smith
David was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and spent most of his childhood on
a farm in Heber City, located in the Wasatch Mountains. He loved exploring
the mountains on his horse looking for adventures to follow. Growing up,
he wanted to be a movie director and used his own Super 8 camera to make
silent movies with his friends and brothers and sister. Instead he earned
a Bachelors in Engineering at the University of Utah. While there, he met
the love of his life, Jenelle, and they were blessed with three amazing
sons: Josh, Tate, and Porter. David later earned his Masters in Business
Administration from Northwestern University and pursued a path in the
corporate world. But his creative side continued to tug at him for years
until finally through the encouragement of his wife and boys, he realized
that it’s never too late to follow your dream. So David set off to write
an epic adventure of a boy and his horse and created a story of freedom,
adventure, love, courage and sacrifice. When he's not writing, David
enjoys outdoor activities with his family, and especially loves surfing
with his three boys in Southern California where he resides.

Visit the website: http://www.thedarkeagles.com/

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