Friday, August 3, 2012

Do you need a good read? Try Nightingale! TODAY! :)

Hi Everybody!

You all are cordially invited to David Farland's Book Bomb launch for his runaway hit: Nightingale! Read the small print--there are great prizes for all who tweet and FB. I already have a signed copy of Nightingale--so I really just want to support him and will be purchasing the Kindle version as well. 

The best thing about David, in addition to being an awesome storyteller and teacher is truthfully, he's just a great guy to know. He loves writing and is so approachable and kind. I've met him several times and took a class from him. I'm taking another soon and though I'm a little nervous about submitting my MS to someone of his great experience, I also know he will have great ideas to strengthen my story and even if he tears it up, he will do it in a way that I can learn from him and that it can only be better. And he'll tell me the truth--in a kind way. :)

David Farland was recently flown to Hollywood California (2 weeks ago) to receive The Hollywood Book Festival Grand Prize, among other prizes this summer alone.

Two weeks ago 3 people in my home read Nightingale  and  I spent 12 hours straight enjoying In The Company of Angels. (Have tissues ready, you'll need them.)

If you want to be part of Nightingale's Biggest night--please go to amazon.com right now:

You can buy the Kindle version here.

Or the hardback here.

Thanks in advance--I promise you won't be sorry.
Laugh lots... Love much... write on! :)


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