Thursday, June 7, 2012

Review of "The Kindling" by Braden Bell

“The Kindling” by Braden Bell is a great story that can be enjoyed by all and is sure to become an instant hit to middle-graders.

How great would it be to summon supernatural powers by embracing the things you love, whether that be quoting lines from your favorite play, singing a favorite song or even by solving pre-algebra problems? 

Sixth grade for Connor, Lexa, and Melanie is proving to be far more interesting, as well as far more dangerous, than any of them had ever imagined. When the threesome ‘Kindle’, they have to learn how to control their magical powers in addition to navigating the usual junior high pitfalls: hard subjects, demanding teachers, bullies, acne, and peer pressure. Add battling Darkhands, traveling through the Otherworld, and a trip to Disney World and there is a recipe for lots of fun and adventure.

Along with learning to control their new powers, Connor, Lexa, and Melanie learn about themselves, each other, the power of good friends and family, and that doing the right thing is often not easy, but is always necessary.

What’s not to love? It has everything: Magic, friendship, and lots of adventure. I highly recommend this fun read and look forward to the further adventures of Connor, Lexa and Melanie.



Thank you, Monique! Very nice review.


You're welcome. I can't wait for the next book. Congrats on your new contract!! :)

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